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Shoes and Bikes from Heaven

On April 10, 2016, in DONATION, Events, by jnbrink

IMG_20131224_112313773_HDRI was on my way to pick up my daughter at College in December 2014 when I saw a young man standing on the side of the road at the interstate exit with a sign asking for money. I often see individuals asking for money at this exit so it did not surprise me. He was too far ahead of me so he never made it to my car before the light changed. As I drove past him I was able to see the sign more clearly. It read… Help me. I need money for my son’s shoes. I picked up my daughter at school however could not stop thinking about the young man. To my daughter’s amazement, I drove back on the interstate and headed south.  I explained the story of the young man to my daughter as I madly drove to see if destiny would bring us together again. At the next exit, I exited and then jumped back on the interstate heading north. As I was exiting again I saw the young man still standing with his sign. I moved over to him and handed him my business card and told him to call me that I could help him with the shoes. The next day he called. After speaking to him for a little while to ascertain his story and what kind of shoes he wanted and what sizes, I asked him if there was anything else he needed for his sons.  I specifically mentioned toys or bikes because I knew organizations gifting both. It was clear that he loved his boys. He said no however he would think about it. The next day he called with the exact sizes of the shoes and said if it wasn’t a problem, bikes for his boys would be really nice as well. It became really clear to us after we hung up not to contact those organizations that I had first considered. The shoes and the bikes were to come from Michael and the Michael Joseph Brink Foundation. Joe and I were so happy to give John’s sons a new pair of shoes and bikes for Christmas and to have it come from Michael. (December 2014)


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